Blog | Feb 8th | 2018

Hi Friends,

It’s officially time to get excited: welcome to the brand new Liberty Arts blog! Our artist collective is always busy in the studio or around the Triangle with new exhibits and projects. We have a lot of fun here and you are always welcome to join in.

One of the most exciting things happening at Liberty this month is the launch of our Formal Visiting Artists Program. During February and March, Liberty is welcoming two talented Durham artists; Serah A. and Calvin Brett. We are hosting them through the group, the Bull Meets the Bayou; a two-city artist exchange between Durham and New Orleans. In turn, we will host artists from New Orleans in April and May. It’s an amazing opportunity that will lead to cultural exchange and new artistic energy in the studio. In fact, the project is already making an impact in the community. Beyu Caffe recently hosted the Bull Meets the Bayou: Intersections discussion as part of their “Be Connected” series. Our very own Executive Director Michelle Gonzalez-Green was a panelist. The discussion centered around the connections between local artists and businesses, areas for growth, and opportunities for more equitable exchanges. As the project continues, there will be more community events and gallery showings.

Keep your calendar open, throughout the month there will be events around the Triangle featuring Liberty Artists:

Add our events in your calendar and stop by to say hello. You’ll be amazed at how social your February has just become! As always, we welcome the public to visit our studio, contact us, and volunteer your time. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too! We love art and our Durham community. Your support allows Liberty artists to continue to create and share their talents. Who knows, stopping by may just give you inspiration for your next project or adventure.

Until next time!

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