Blog | Feb 15th | 2018

Hi Friends,


Valentines’ Day has passed but we can all use a little sweetness in our lives (and no, I’m not referring to heavily discounted candy). This week, our treat to you is a new video series featuring Liberty Artists! Ever wonder what inspires our artists? Curious to know what projects they are working on? This series is a quick look into their experiences. Our first featured artist is Joe Coates! Joe is an amazing sculpture artist, some of his pieces are magnificent in scale. In the upcoming weeks, he is teaching a BRAND NEW welding class. For more information, visit our class listings page. If you’re interested in seeing his art in person, "Analog Sculpture in a Digital World" is currently on display at the Suntrust Gallery at the Durham Arts Council. Come join us for the public reception Friday, February 16th from 6 PM - 9 PM at 120 Morris Street, Durham, NC.

Be sure to keep your calendar updated with our upcoming events!

In addition to these events, there are a variety of classes being offered at Liberty. They are a great opportunity to let your curiosity roam and learn something new.

As always, you are welcome to visit our studio, contact us, and volunteer your time. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too!

Until next time! 

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