Deja Vu All Over Again

Jackie MacLeod woke up Friday morning to learn that a pipe had burst at the studio and water was gushing in.

My heart sank. Many of you will understand why - the situation was eerily similar to the one four years ago that caused us to lose our studios in the Liberty Warehouse and subsequently led to that warehouse being condemned and torn down.
— Jackie Macleod

Ben Ale Sheehy (owner of Bampro, who now works alongside us) had been battling the water since 11pm the night before. One by one we arrived, grabbed brooms, buckets, created pumps, did whatever we could to get the water out as it poured in until it was finally turned off and our efforts were finally making a difference.

At the end of the day, the lot of us who had shown up were drenched and tired, but feeling so much more hopeful than we’d felt that morning. The damage can be fixed, the water and dampness will be dealt with and relatively little was lost. The photos above show what things looked like on Friday morning and then on Saturday morning. Onward! 

HUGE thanks to all of you who stopped by, called, replied on Facebook or just sent good wishes. We love our community!!