Joe Coates

Joe Coates

I learned to love working with my hands from my father, a pilot, who was also an accomplished mechanic and woodworker.  I was introduced to welding as a teenager by the aircraft mechanics at the local airport.  Initially, I welded to build and repair cars, but quickly became enamored with the amazing strength and beauty of welded metal structures and started welding for the sheer joy of the creative process. 

Tripp Jarvis

I was an artist at the age of five, when I started copying the Sunday Comics in my hometown of Holly Springs, North Carolina. I followed my passion for art through school and completed an art degree at East Carolina University. A simple soapstone carving made me fall in love with the ability to shape one of the hardest materials on Earth with my own hands; I knew I would be a sculptor.

Jim Jenson

I have worked with found objects and wood since childhood and find it hard to resist. The drive may have to do with a wish to communicate visually, a desire to preserve the beauty in carefully crafted but discarded objects, or perhaps simply from the reaffirming smell of freshly cut wood.