Emily N. Wismer



The first time I saw a letterpress shop, I knew I was doomed. Luckily for me, a fascination that began when I was 19 has turned into a career as a printer.

I love working on machines that have their own histories that I feel only add to what I can do with them. I love the smell of the ink and the feel of working with type or polymer and the tactile process and result of feeding paper into a press. Itʼs a medium that is slow, outmoded, exasperating, and also completely compelling and reborn in new methods and collaborations. I see myself as someone who is constantly being taught by the presses as well as other printers and artists what the medium is capable of, and I love the idea that this is an unending learning process.

Iʼm inspired by a vast array of things- poster art of the 1920s, Joseph Cornell, fireworks, mosaic tile, photographs found in thrift stores, and always by many peers working on presses around the world.