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Founded in 2001, Liberty Arts is a collective of artists studios at 918 Pearl Street and a foundry at Durham Central Park.

Our mission is to enrich our communities with arts experiences that inspire, empower, educate, and entertain. 

  • Facilitate the creation of quality, saleable works of art.

  • Attract innovative and accomplished artists.

  • Educate aspiring artists and incubate their careers.

  • Inspire enthusiasm in our community for the arts.

  • Provide easy access to skills associated with the industrial arts

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For the first 10 years after its founding, Liberty Arts was housed in the historic Liberty Warehouse, from which we get our name.


From there our artists created some of the most iconic sculptures in Durham, North Carolina. The highlight of which is Major The Bull, located in the heart of downtown Durham. Since then Liberty Arts has led the charge to create more public works of art that add to the colorful fabric of our city.