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Liberty Arts Studio Rental Program

General information

Rental Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 12:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.  
                            Saturday              10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (if the equipment is not in use for a class)
                            Sunday                12:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

 Cost: $30 per hour for the Welder Stations in the Metal Studio
           $45 per hour for rental of the Glory Holes in the Glass Studio
           $30 per hour for rental of Casting Benches in Casting Studio

           We suggest renting at least 2 hours at a time

What you get:
At a Welder Station - You are renting a space with a MIG welder, a welding table, clamps, hammers, magnets, wire cutters, angle grinders and access to a drill press, chop saw and plasma cutter.   There will also be a Studio Tech at the studio, who is happy to help you get set up and refresh your memory on how to handle certain tools. It is a supervisory capacity only. He/she is not being paid to teach you.  Having said that we would much rather you ask, rather than try things that you are not sure about. We don’t want anybody getting hurt and we want to look after our tools, as well, so many people can enjoy them. 

In addition, Liberty Arts has a wide variety of scrap steel ranging in various sizes, shapes types and conditions available to patrons of the studio rental program.  If you are interested, the material is available for purchase at $.25 per pound.  Materials selection and purchase is to be done at a separate time and for a separate fee than the studio rental.

At Glory Holes - Rental covers glory hole, annealers, torches, garage and coldworking tools. Furnace glass provided; but there will be extra charge for using large amounts of glass. Frit and other color (powder, rod, etc) is NOT provided. Pipes, punties and shop hand tools are available; but we suggest renters have and use your own if you have them.  All tools must be returned to their proper places.

Renters can qualify to rent either of 2 ways: 1) successful completion of Liberty Arts' Intermediate glass blowing class; or 2) demonstration of equipment knowledge and glass blowing skills to one of the glass studio instructions and the instructor's certification.

There will be a Studio Tech at the studio during rentals, who is happy to help you get set up and refresh your memory on how to handle certain tools. This Studio Tech provides oversight only, primarily for safety and proper use of studio equipment. Renters are encouraged to pose questions to the Studio Tech rather than making assumptions.

At Casting Bench - Renters have the opportunity to rent space and time in our casting and mold making area with access to a wax melter, carving tools and mold making resources.  All the tools necessary to complete a casted piece from start to finish are available. There will be a shop tech on hand to point you in the right direction while setting up but will not have the means of teaching. If you are looking for lessons, feel free to take a class or contact one of our artists.   In addition to tools renters also have the opportunity to purchase wax through Liberty Arts at $5. Renters are responsible for all other materials.

What to wear and bring:

  1. We suggest that Metalworking renters bring your own leather gloves.

  2. EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED!  Shop eye protection may be available but we suggest renters bring their own safety glasses.

  3. Wear closed-toe shoes, preferably made of non-synthetic material.

  4. We suggest jeans that flare over your shoes.

  5. Metalworking renters should wear long-sleeved shirts; the best choices are cotton, canvas or leather.

  6. No synthetic, loose-fitting blouses or shirts.
    No low necklines or shirts shorter than your belly button (risk of burns!)
    No synthetic leggings or pants tucked into boots, please.

  7. Long hair must be tied back. Do not wear long chains or scarves and please do not wear rings on fingers.

  8. Dress in layers, we have NO heat or AC. It can be colder inside than out.

  9. Bring a water bottle and a snack - there are no vending machines at Liberty Arts.


How to Become a Liberty Arts Renter

If you are a first time renter, fill out this Application and email it back to us at LASR@libertyartsNC.org.  We will email you a login ID which will allow you to sign up for rental slots on our LASR calendar.

At your first visit the Studio Tech will make sure to familiarize you with all the tools. In subsequent visits, as you become more familiar with the studio, this will be a shorter refresher. You will be required to sign this waiver before your LASR experience. You will need to read and understand these safety procedures and rules before signing the liability waiver.

If you have any medical issues make sure to share them EACH time with the Studio Tech (e.g. allergies, epi-pen, hemophilia, epilepsy, etc.).

Above all, have fun and make sure you get dirty!