Leland Webb



My love for the natural beauty of nature stems from growing up in the rolling hills of North Carolina.  I’ve spent my life enjoying the great outdoors and all it has had to offer from being a youth in scouting through my adulthood as an avid camper, hiker, backpacker.  I walk through the woods looking for the unusual features of trees wondering how they might look as an art object, bowl, platter, of even a walking stick.

My woodwork and turnings focus on bringing out the inherent beauty in a piece of wood.  Whether it’s the unique grain pattern in a knot or burl, the different colors in the wood due to disease or insects, or the chetoyancy of the finished surface, I strive to showcase what the wood has to offer.

Woodturning has given me an outlet for artistic expression and enabled me to exhibit my creativity in the process of shaping and finishing unique pieces of wood.  At the same time, woodturning has given me the opportunity to be one with a piece of wood and listen to it’s voice as it becomes what it wants to be.