Kimberly Foytlin



Growing up in Durham was an adventure. There was a quality to it that you could not find in any other city. It had a starving artist charm that drew you in and kept you here, no matter how hard the lifestyle could be. This place challenged me to become an artist and represent the growing culture that Durham is quickly creating for itself. After leaving Durham for a few years to attend East Carolina University and acquire my BFA in sculpture it wasn’t hard to make the decision to return to my hometown. Durham has become a beautifully creative city. I was lucky enough to discover Liberty Arts and began my life as a sculptor.

Something that Durham has taught me while growing up is to live as freely as possible, making the most out of life. There is nothing on this planet that lives more openly and without boundaries that the animals that coincide with us. Those creatures that do struggle to maintain that spirit only do so because of the consequences of our pour decisions. My body of work centers on these beautiful animals, those still living wildly, and those that need a little help from the people that can save them. I strive to shed light on these issues and create works of art featuring these beautiful animals that deserve out respect.