Steve Little

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After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh I spent ten years working as a newspaper illustrator, including several years at the Chicago Tribune. In 1994 I left my job at the Trib for an intended three-year volunteer sabbatical with Habitat for Humanity in Latin America. Those volunteer years turned into a 20-year career with Habitat - trading my shovel, trowel and work gloves for a desk job while overseeing Habitat’s Communications and Volunteer Mobilization efforts throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 

In 2015 I left that desk job intent on rediscovering my life’s passion, art. This time I am focusing on sculpture, rather than two dimensional images - pairing skills from my illustration career together with construction skills gained through my career in community development. 

In my art I aspire to tell stories - combining elements, objects and spaces into curious creations that hopefully result in a smile; or a question; or possibly even a few moments of reflection. I love working with metal. I like its strength, which can create the illusion of permanence. Yet at the same time, as metal weathers and rusts it vividly demonstrates that everything returns to dust. In spite of its durability, the difference between a steel sculpture and a sand mandala might only be several decades' time. The medium itself reminds us that the only thing that matters is right here, right now. 

What I love about Liberty Arts is being part of a community that lives that reality - a community that celebrates the moment through creation; and expresses joys and vulnerabilities through art.