David Huber

David S. Huber attends the 2016 Chicago Pipe Show

David S. Huber attended the 2016 Chicago Pipe Show for his fourth year exhibiting there, selling out for the second year in a row! He had the honor of meeting Lars Ivarsson and Nanna Ivarsson, the son and granddaughter of Sixten Ivarsson, the person who revolutionized pipe carving and whose work is the basis for every pipe maker working today. They were very impressed with his work and offered to help whenever they can. 

One special pipe was purchased by a famous pipe collector whose collection consists of a great many Ivarsson pipes as well as a few other iconic pipe makers. This individual is considered a 'litmus test' for high grade pipe carvers. David is thrilled to have one of his pieces in such a collection.

What you missed Last Thursday

This past Last Thursday@Liberty Arts featured three demonstrations of our artists at work. John Parkinson shared his weaving (Danish cord) technique on a beautiful new custom walnut bench. David Huber fired up his lathe to show his turning and sanding skills on the briar burls he turns into amazing artisan tobacco pipes. Out back Evie and Josh were pulling 1700 degree pots out of their recently finished raku kiln and completing the ancient process to produce beautiful pieces to the oohs and ahhs of the crowd. You can expect more of the same this coming Last Thursday@Liberty Arts on August 27th.

The smell of sawdust has returned!

We have two new artists doing amazing things with wood. John Parkinson (above, and find him on Facebook) is creating beautifully handcrafted custom furniture. David Huber (www.dshpipes.com) is using his lathe and various sanders to turn small semi-circles of briarwood to create top of the line artisan pipes.You are more than welcome to come in and watch the process - especially on Last Thursdays @ Liberty Arts.

New Artists: Hermes Illana, John Parkinson & David Huber

We have three new artists coming on board!

Hermes Illana is in the process of setting up his space now. He will be using his photography in combination with his creative construction abilities and newfound skills with a welder to create exciting new pieces to be shown soon in our gallery.

John Parkinson  (johnparkinsonfurniture.com) will be arriving in June. John designs and builds beautiful custom furniture and will be putting together workshops and demos about the use of hand tools. Stay tuned!

David S. Huber (dshpipes.com) will also arrive in June and creates handcrafted artisan Briar Pipes. Even though David is relatively new to the art of pipe making, he already has a following and is looking forward to the inspiration of being surrounded by artists working in so many mediums.