Evie G Watts - You put yourself in too small a box, my love | Sept 13 - Oct 13 2019

A new chapter begins…

After a few years of studio administration and management in two different organizations, I’m getting back into the studio myself to make stuff.

Feeling a bit rusty (ha!), and ready to create things other than schedules, emails, lists and conversations. This show will be the outcome of my summer-long foray back into the fold of metal, clay and wood.

I bring what I’ve learned. I offer you a respite from your computer screen, your everyday surroundings. My hope is that you come away with a new way to look at old things.

The opening promises to be a party - Dex and Half Tones have promised to come and play for us. They are a fabulous local jazz band who has entertained us all a few times now and it's always a pleasure to hear them jam. There will also be food and drinks and lots of people to meet and reconnect with. Come and have some fun!

The show will run through October 13th.