Steve Little - Body of Work | June 21 - July 19, 2019

Body of Work

By Steve Little

I started with a series of self portraits.

When drawing, it's important to define the negative shapes between objects - the distance between the eyes, for example; or the gap between the tip of the nose and the chin.

When I returned to my art after 25 years, I aspired to pick up the remains of a long-ago illustration career, combine them with an unexpected career in community development and quarter-century in Latin America, and see what would result.

In art - as in life - negative space becomes so important that sometimes I find myself focusing more on what isn't there, instead of what actually is. My nose isn’t straight. My hair isn’t combed.

So this particular body of work began while staring into a mirror, drawing. The exhibit emerged as I rewrote my resume, explaining gaps in my art career; and as I packed my suitcases, emptied my studio, and flew to a new home in a different country. I developed these pieces as I helped my two kids graduate and move out; and while counting my teeth with my tongue, pondering the gaps where my wisdom teeth used to be.

All art is personal. But the importance of art isn't found in the story told by the artist – It's found in the story understood by others. I hope my art shows the gaps in our lives and between us, not as separation, but as important elements of a larger body of work.

Steve’s show will run in the Liberty Arts Gallery through July 19th.

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