Liberty Arts Award Dinner 2018 | October 13

Saturday October 13 we held our first annual Liberty Arts Award Dinner. The award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the artistic, cultural and economic vitality of Durham.

This year we were honored to present The Liberty to Phil Freelon who embodies the spirit of this award in every way and very personally for Liberty Arts in particular. Long story short - he went to bat for us when we were in danger of losing our foundry. 


But his accomplishments go so far beyond, both nationally and internationally and we were so honored to have him, his family and so many close friends at our studio for this magical evening. The energy was indescribable. It's hard to imagine anyone was able to keep tears at bay.


Mike Waller (@wallerfousheestudios) created the stunning sculpture/award. Mike Lee and his team from MSushi Durham created culinary magic while Elijah Leed performed his mastery of glassblowing to the amazement of everyone in attendance.


Thank you to @bmc_studios for the wonderful pictures.