Iron Pour | November 17th


**Your tiles are now at the studio - 918 Pearl St. - and available for pickup between 11 and 6 M-F and between 1 - 4pm this coming Saturday, December 1st.

If these times do not work for you, please contact us at and we will most definitely work it out. We want you to have your tile!**

On Saturday, November 17th we will be melting 3000 lbs of iron at 3000 degrees right in the middle of Durham Central Park. Sound crazy? It's just what we do for fun. 

Iron Pour Reaction (1).jpg

If you've never seen an Iron Pour, think about a gritty ballet where all the dancers are decked out in helmets and head-to-toe in leathers, dancing around a roaring furnace and pouring red hot metal into molds. 

There will be food trucks, beer trucks, arts and crafts for sale and music to enjoy. Bring a blanket and chairs. Get comfortable and have some fun. Furnaces will be lit around 3pm, but there's lots to do beforehand. 

Scratchblock Workshops

RedHotScratchBlocks (1).jpg

You can be part of this pour by creating your own scratchblock. We've made over 300 sand molds that you can scratch into - we have all the tools you need. Just bring your imagination. You can watch us pour the molten iron into your mold and pick it up the next day. We don't want any burned hands on Saturday! The workshop schedule is:

scratch blocks.jpg

November 1st 4:30-7pm
November 3rd 10am-1pm
November 8th 4:30-7pm
November 10th 10am-1pm
November 15th 4:30-7pm
November 17th 10- 1pm
November 17th 1-4pm

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