Scratch Block Workshops & 2nd Annual Iron Pour


Carve your own tile mold (scratch block) to be cast in iron during the 2nd Annual Iron Pour in Durham Central Park on November 18th!

Scratch Block Workshops

You will receive a single 6” x 6” blank scratch block to create your own design of an iron sculpture.

WHAT IS A SCRATCH BLOCK? A scratch block is a tile made of resin-bonded sand into which you can carve any shallow-relief design you so wish to create a mold.

DO I NEED EXPERIENCE? There is no experience necessary, nor any need to bring your own safety gear. We will provide instruction, safety gear, tools, and materials in this workshop. When you are finished you will leave your mold with the Liberty Arts team until the Iron Pour event on November 18th. Bring it there and watch it get poured to an audience of hundreds!

DO I HAVE TO HAVE AN IDEA ALREADY? No. Our artists will be on hand to help you design a block if you don't have an idea or design in mind.
We have found that keeping it simple and less detailed is often the most successful.

COST: Scratch blocks are $30 per block. There is no cost to attend the event and watch the iron being poured into molds. But do you really want to miss out?

TO REGISTER: The workshops will be held at the George Watts Hill Pavilion. Located at 530 Foster Street in Durham Central Park on the following dates. You can also show up and pay at the scheduled workshop time.

Classes open to public while supplies last.
Click on the dates above to reserve your tile and space or click here!

Questions? Please contact 919 260-2931 for more information.

After the scratch block workshop come take part in the pour at the foundry in the George Watts Hill Pavilion.

Watch as we fill each block with molten iron and solidify your design.

Durham Scratch Block Iron Class

The 2nd Annual Iron Pour

Casting of the tiles will happen between 5 pm and 8 pm on Saturday, November 18!

Pick up

PICKUP for the finished iron cast tiles is scheduled for Sunday November 19th between 10 am and 12 pm. If you can not make that pickup time, please let us know in advance to make arrangements.