Continuing the tradition

Ten years after Liberty Artists Michael Waller and Leah Foushee Waller created the iconic Downtown Durham sculpture “Major the Bull”, Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio and Foundry set themselves an even larger goal: The Bull City Sculpture Show.

The idea was to turn Downtown Durham into an outdoor gallery, featuring 12 artists from throughout the US in a walkable, year-long show of large public art. We raised the necessary funds and with generous support from the City of Durham, local businesses and friends, and a wonderful Kickstarter campaign.

Most remarkable the entire undertaking was accomplished on a volunteer basis. Noted architect Phil Freelon was our independent juror. He selected the dozen sculptures, placing each piece of art perfectly. One quarter of the show’s works are staying in the city permanently. Please look at the pictures below for details. One was Liberty Arts’ gift to Durham and the other two were purchased.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make our big dream a reality,

Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio & Foundry